ITS Reports

While the data on the Web may suit tactical and strategic needs in the form of student totals, the reports on the ITS system provides student detail and may be used for operational purposes. 

The following programs are available on ITS for users to access a variety of detailed student information.


DMIREP 2-1 : List of Applications

DMIREP 2-2 : List of Enrolled Students 

DMIREP 2-3 : List of Graduates For year Of Completion

DMIREP 2-4 : List of International Students

DMIREP 2-5 : List of Enrolled Students by Module

DMIREP 2-6 : List of Students with Decision Codes

DMIREP 2-7 : List of Applications with Admit Status 


There are other reports that will be made available shortly.

Users who cannot run these reports need to complete a particular form to get access and submit it to the Director : Student Academic Administration for approval. Copies of the form can be obtained from the College Managers.

Notes on how to run the reports have been sent to College Managers.

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