About Department of Management Information


To provide a support mechanism to all levels of management at UKZN through the provision of data, information, knowledge and systems designed and formulated to underpin the strategic goals of the various units within the university, towards the overall strategic objectives of UKZN.



To provide a professional support service to the UKZN community that adds value to the decision-making processes within the institution.



To have competent and efficient staff and systems in place that support and service (1) the operations of the institution, and (2) the decision making processes of the institution.



Our values are to emphasize the words ‘value’, ‘support’ and ‘service’ in our dealings within and beyond the university community.


The Department of Management Information (DMI) provides quality data and reporting to the Executive, the Colleges, the DoE and outside organisations in the following areas.
  • Support the extraction, manipulation, generation & dissemination of management information in response to the needs of the University and external clients;
  • Support the preparation, capture, collection and submission of statutory data;
  • Support the extraction, manipulation & dissemination of data for the purposes of operational reporting according to the needs of Colleges and support divisions
  • Support the setup and maintenance of the academic structure to facilitate registration, graduation and the production of statutory reports (HEMIS);
  • Support the implementation of the Data Quality (DQ) Strategy;
  • Support in the design, testing, implementation & training of components of the central administrative (ITS) system;
  • Support the Colleges and Schools in operational areas of Registration; Examinations; Graduation; Handbooks; Timetabling;
  • Support the Colleges and Schools in the Enrolment  Planning processes;
  • Support the process of conducting institutional research for approved University projects;
  • Support the development of peripheral systems, upgrades and enhancements to the central administrative (ITS) systems;
  • Support the design, testing, implementation, maintenance, integration & training of systems peripheral to the ITS system;

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